An affordable alternative to traditional broadband

Struggling with poor internet performance? At only £45 plus vat per month, you can enjoy speeds up to 30Mbps at home without the need for Fibre.

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Stream movies till your heart’s content…

Our professionally installed 4g service ensure’s the fastest, most reliable signal is achieved for your property.

Faster than Copper ADSL

5Mbps Download and 2Mbps Upload speeds will be a thing of the past. Enjoy speeds up to 30Mbps delivered over 4g.

Fast Installation

With 4g there’s no need to wait for Openreach. Our engineers can install your antenna and service in under 14 days.

Unlimited Data

Stream movies, play games and download movies. All our plans come with unlimited data as standard.

Will you ever receive Fibre at your property?

Poor broadband speeds are usually delivered over copper, and the further you are from the exchange the slower your service will be.

With Integra, you don’t need a phone line and you don’t need to wait for the Government Fibre rollout.

It’s not just for browsing the internet anymore

Gone are the day’s of just checking your emails and a little browsing on the internet.

Our lives now depend on fast internet – from watching Netflix and Disney Channel, to checking our social media and making conference calls.

Enough bandwidth – for everyone

Trying to work from home, whilst all the kids are connected to the internet?

With more and more devices reliant on connectivity, it’s never been more important to have a solid internet service.

Don’t under estimate 4g

Don’t think because your phone signal is poor, 4g can’t be used.

When correctlly installed and configured, 4g is a powerful alternative to traditional broadband services.

With a professionally installed external antenna from Integra, internet performance can be greatly improved, allowing you to enjoy faster, more reliable speeds in your home.

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