Construction Site Broadband Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable, fast internet connectivity solution for your construction site?

Go live in days, without the Excess Construction Charges.

There’s no need to wait for Fibre

Getting fast internet can be a pain on construction sites, especially when trying install traditional fixed line connectivity.

As a network agnostic ISP, Integra will conduct a site survey and provide your construction site with a multi-network, secure SD-WAN internet connectivity service in a matter of days.

Upload, download and communicate with ease

Struggling to upload large files and conduct Microsoft Teams meetings on site?

With our multi-network solution, your team can work effectively and securely, without the need to tether from their mobile phones.

Construction Site WiFi

No need to stress dealing with Openreach

We understand, getting a new Fibre connection to a construction site early on is rarely a simple task.

Waiting for weeks, to be told it’s not possible is a common occurence.

Get in touch and we will get your solution ready to deploy immediately.

Affordable construction connectivity

Paying Excess Construction Charges for a temporary internet connection is not something anyone want’s to be picking the bill up for.

With Integra we understand your requirements. We have short term contracts without the early termination charges

Features & Services

Delivering connectivity to challenging locations is only part of what we do.

Once your site is live you can enjoy an enterprise grade I.T network that keeps your critical services ticking over.

Bulletproof Security

Delivered over SD-WAN all our construction connectivity services have built in enterprise level security, giving our clients complete piece-of-mind.

WiFi Infrastructure

Talk to us about your WiFi network requirements. We can provide coverage across your entire construction site.

UK Support

Have an issue on site, or just need a little help getting some tech working on our network? We are here to help.

Flexible Contracts

We have range of contract lengths depending on your circumstances. Capex and Opex options available.

4G/5G and Wireless

As a network agnostic ISP, we always provide the best connectivity solution based on your location and specific requirements.

VoIP Supported

Have a voice requirement? Discuss with our team and we can provide you with a VoIP phone system to run on our network.


Wireless WiFi Networks

Most sites, need more than just a fast, reliable internet connection. Wireless coverage is essential so workers can get online anywhere.

Using point-to-point technology Integra can distribute connectivity across your entire site.

  • All we need is a set of plans or a quick video to determine a viable solution for your site
  • WiFi and Connectivity infrastructure rented on flexible terms

  • Indoor and Outdoor WiFi coverage can be supplied
  • CCTV can be delivered wirelessly and securely

Interested to learn more?

Check availability using our online tool.