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Speeds up to 60Mbps without the need for Fibre

Ideal for rural businesses and serious homeworkers.

Our business solution gives piece-of-mind that your critical business applications remain online.

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Stop struggling with poor broadband speeds

Harnessing the power of the UK’s leading mobile carriers, Integra bonds and amplifies multiple mobile network signals to deliver faster internet connectivity than any single operator can provide.

Twice as fast as a single 4g Service

Integra bonded solution gives users up to 60Mbps, with all internet traffic pushed out securely via our own datacentre.

Reliable Internet when you need it

Can’t afford for your internet to go down? With optimised dual connectivity, extra resilence comes as standard.

Unlimited Data

Just because you are using 4g, doesn’t mean your data should be capped. All our plans come with unlimited data.

Stop paying for multiple broadband lines

Are you paying for multiple adsl lines and still find performance is poor?

Our SD-WAN Router allows you to connect any existing broadband service to ours, giving you another layer of reliability.

No hiccup’s on your conference calls

Working from home presents enough challenges. Dual connectivity and low latency ensures your important conference call doesn’t come to an abrupt end.

Uploading important files won’t require a trip to the local coffee shop either.

Give your customers the service they expect

Everyone need good internet, especially your customers. If your holiday let is in a rural location and your customers can’t get online, then you need to provide them with a solution.

Let Integra give you the support you need to get a 5 star rating.

We amplify your connection to get the best service

All our business installations come with a professionally fitted antenna.

After conducting a remote site survey, we will identify which mobile carriers to use, where to install your antenna, and the best location for your router – ensuring the fastest, most reliable signal possible.

Remote Access & Support

Once your new network is installed, we’ll continue to help you with anything you need. Technical support is only a click or call away.

So, whether you need to troubleshoot an issue, configure extra devices or just get general advice, we’ll get you where you need to be.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding our business service, we will most likely of covered them in this FAQ’s.

If we haven’t, feel free to get in touch with one of our team and we will be happy to answer any questions.

How does Integra compare to alternatives such as Satellite and Wireless?2021-09-21T19:24:11+00:00

Integra offers a faster, more reliable, and cheaper alternative to other currently available rural broadband solutions. Our service has lower latency than satellite (20-30ms), which is equivalent to fibre broadband, and means that  VoIP services to work reliably and web pages will load quickly.

Wireless broadband needs line of sight to the wireless tower, but Integra Business does not.  It is therefore easier to install and will not be affected by uncontrollable variables like the weather or trees.

What is Integra Business?2021-09-21T19:12:22+00:00

Integra business is a specialist connectivity solution for businesses and home workers that are unable to get fast internet via fixed line, wireless or satellite methods. It is the optimal solution when:

  • Internet connectivity is mission critical, but service by traditional means is very poor.
  • Businesses/Homeworkers want additional resiliency for peace of mind.
  • Businesses/Homeworkers need additional bandwidth (to what they already have) and want it provided in a way seamless to their existing solution.
  • Businesses/Homeworkers cannot wait for the arrival of more traditional business connectivity infrastructure.

Integra’s management have more than 100 years of combined experience IT and Telecoms, including the use of alternative technologies to deliver mission critical solutions. We say what we do and we do what we say. Integra Business was created to address an incredibly painful hole (often overlooked by BT and the government) in the market for rural broadband. Hopefully, the government and companies like BT will address this issue once and for all, but until they do, we are here to support small businesses.

Integra Business is also ideal for temporary connectivity. It does not require a phone line. It can easily be used for a temporary retail space, event, or weekend farm shop or market.

Who is a typical Integra Business user?2021-10-06T09:14:51+00:00

Businesses throughout the UK: Commercial offices, temporary sites, home workers, factories, retail shops, mobile outlets, cafes, hotels, restaurants, farms, agriculture, telemetry, CCTV operators and more.

If you need connectivity, then Integra Business is for you.

How resilient is Integra Business?2021-09-21T19:16:16+00:00

The Integra service is based on 3 of the UK’s leading cellular providers. As long as one of the 2 providers installed at your property is operating, you will be receiving service.

What if my service goes down?2021-09-21T19:16:43+00:00

If your Integra service has gone offline please contact us on 0203 388 7111 or by email at connect@integra-networks.co.uk, or via our online chat service.

What guarantees do I have about speed when I have Integra Business as a service?2021-09-21T19:17:34+00:00

Integra Business is based on cellular networks and does not guarantee a minimum speed. However, users typically experience speeds of 50 – 60 Mbps.

What Can You Do with Integra Business?2021-09-21T19:18:45+00:00

You can use it for everything you would need a business broadband connection for: Email, browsing, data backup, cloud services, VoIP and WiFi calling, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, EPOS, credit card machines, inventory management, CCTV. Whatever you need a broadband connection for, Integra Business can do it.

Integra Business is stand-alone business class solution which means you can use it as your sole Internet service. However our service can also be combined with fixed line, wireless and satellite internet connectivity to act as failover or provide additional speed.

What after sales support do you provide?2021-08-03T12:38:27+00:00

We are available during business hours on 0203 388 7111 , by email at connect@integra-networks.co.uk and via our online chat service.

Traditional broadband is supposed to be available here in the next year. Why should I go with Integra now and not wait for BT?2021-06-25T14:52:30+00:00

We have been hearing the next month, next year story for many years now throughout the UK. You should go with Integra now in order to provide for the risk that the wider BT and fibre rollout does not go according to schedule.

If you are really worried, we will be glad to provide a reasonably priced shorter contract with month-to-month notice to accommodate you.

What latency can I expect?2021-06-28T05:23:15+00:00

Latency is low at 20-30ms which is similar to fixed line broadband.

How does Integra Business work?2021-09-21T19:28:33+00:00

Integra uses the latest routing hardware technology, cloud based software and 4G (and 5G where available) LTE data to provide superfast speeds over 3 of the UK’s best known cellular networks.

An Integra service includes the provision and installation of 2 outdoor antennas to obtain the best signal, increasing reliability and optimising bandwidth capability. We will also supply an indoor router which will serve as the endpoint for our service. Customers are given their own fixed IP address and can plug their LAN into this router (please note, Integra is neither providing nor responsible for configuring your LAN).

If you have an existing broadband service that you wish to keep for more bandwidth and further resilience, we can integrate that service into our router for a modest £50 one-off charge.

Can I use Integra Business Instead of a Leased Line?2021-09-21T19:27:25+00:00

Yes! Many of our customers have chosen to install Integra Business instead of a leased line.

Not only does it provide excellent download and upload speeds, but:

  • it is cheaper to install – there are no excess construction charges.
  • it is significantly cheaper to run ;
  • We provide better customer service than the other ISPs!

We can also integrate the leased line into our solution so that our service becomes a backup.

Can I purchase the hardware on its own?2021-06-28T05:28:26+00:00

No. Integra provides this as a service. We retain ownership of the equipment. At the end of your period of service, we will come out and collect the equipment.

This is advantageous to you the customer – if there is ever a problem with the equipment, it is for Integra to fix and replace equipment if necessary.

Does the outdoor unit have built in lightning protection?2021-06-25T14:45:44+00:00

No – lightning suppression is not supplied with the outdoor unit.

Can I Use VoIP with Integra Business2021-09-21T19:29:11+00:00

Yes.  Integra offers a fast and reliable connection for all VoIP services.

Can I have a Static Public IP?2021-06-25T14:43:41+00:00

Yes. We provide a Static Public IP  which enables remote access to devices for a variety of purposes. .

Our service has 2 outdoor units using separate carriers for each device.  Internet traffic will be loaded across these 2 connections and any others that are connected into the router.

What if I move to a new location?2021-06-28T05:31:57+00:00

No problem! Just let us know. With a couple of weeks’ notice and a reasonable one-off relocation fee of £150, we can arrange to remove and re-install your equipment at your new location.

Does the hardware have a warranty?2021-06-28T05:33:34+00:00

It does not need it.  Integra owns the equipment and is responsible for keeping the service live.  If a unit breaks, let us know and we will arrange for it to be repaired or replaced.  Please note, that if you break it or subject it to unacceptable environmental conditions, we would ask you to pay for the replacement.

How can I purchase Integra Business2021-09-21T19:20:32+00:00

First, it’s worth completing the availability checker to see if you are eligible for the service.

Following this you can activate Integra’s installation process by completing a short survey over the phone with one of our team.

We will confirm your requirements and arrange a time to come out and do the installation.

How is Integra Business installed?2021-09-21T19:25:18+00:00

Our service has 2 Outdoor Antennas that are mounted externally to premises, usually on a wall. There are 2 ethernet cable runs to the indoor router.

Integra use certified, knowledgeable and helpful installers who will achieve the best possible signal and do a professional job on the installation. The installation site will be photographed before and after installation. Should you have any questions about or comments on your installation, please contact us on 0203 388 7111 or via the Get In Touch page on our website.

Can I use Integra Business as a temporary service?2021-09-21T19:22:00+00:00

Yes. We can deliver a modified contract term which will enable you to give a month’s notice before the initial 12-month term has elapsed.

Our service can be installed quickly whilst your Ethernet leased line service is waiting to be delivered. Often leased line services take many months to install.

Once your other service is installed, if you wish, we can integrate it into the existing Integra service, all load balanced, giving you additional bandwidth and more resiliency.

How much does the Integra Business service cost?2021-09-21T19:22:25+00:00

Pricing is based on an installation fee, then an ongoing monthly connectivity fee. Pricing can be found above.

If you have special requirements for multiple sites or other types of connectivity (ADSL, FTTC, and fibre leased line), Integra can help you as well.

Why is an Integra Connnection better than just tethering to my phone?2021-06-28T05:30:56+00:00

Integra uses 2x external antennas, which results in a better signal than you can typically get from your phone. This in turn delivers higher bandwidth, better latency, and a more reliable connection.

Integra uses 2 SIM cards from 2 separate cellular providers, which makes the connection more resilient than the single connection from your phone.

2 SIM cards, load balanced, means much more bandwidth than the single SIM card in your phone.

We provide you with a Static IP Address, which enables you to use many more services (CCTV, VOIP, door entry, etc.) than you would off a consumer based cellular offering.

How quickly can Integra Business be installed?2021-09-21T19:23:19+00:00

An installation takes around 2-3 hours on average. It may take longer depending on the premises. We will look to come out and do your installation as soon as possible, but always within 2 weeks of order.

Why wait? Check out our pricing.

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