Leased Line speeds, without the Excess Construction Charges.

Are you in a location where fibre connectivity can’t reach, but have a requirement for enterprise grade connectivity?

With Integra you could be live in days.

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Bonded Connectivity up to 500 Mbps, Cellular, Fixed Line, Wireless Fibre and Satellite Connectivity.

As a network agnostic ISP, Integra can bring you online, ensuring bulletproof connectivity, with the fastest speeds available for your business.

Connectivity Deployed In Days

Integra Ultrafast can be deployed without the need to wait for fixed line connectivity.

Enterprise Grade Security

Enjoy high performance and secure network access, delivered over SD-WAN anywhere in the UK.

Fully Managed Connectivity

Need technical support? We are here to help. Our support team can help troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Do you have multiple sites with connectivity issues?

Chances are you’re paying over the odds for multiple DSL connections at these locations.

Using Integra SD-WAN, we can consolidate your in contract DSL connections, whilst bonding your connectivity with a multi-network cellular service, giving you Ultrafast speeds.

Can be deployed in a vast number of scenario’s

Bulletproof connectivity on buses, trucks, near shore vessels, remote office and live events are all possible with Integra Ultrafast.

Service includes:

  • Guest Wi-Fi for terms and conditions acceptance
  • Traffic shaping based on data quote allowances
  • Content filtering options available
  • E-Mark Certified

We are a connectivity agnostic ISP

Our commerical agreements enable us to provide our customers with the best solution possible.

Regardless of your location, we can deliver a viable connectivity solution to ensure your business remains online all of the time.

Secure, business grade connectivity

All our business connectivity solutions are delivered over SD-WAN, ensuring best in class security, scalability and remote monitoring.

  • Seamless, secure load balancing
  • Static IP addresses available
  • Business Class SLA

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