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Tired of waiting for Fibre? Enjoy fast internet in under 14 days.

With 99% UK Coverage, Integra can transform your internet connectivity. Stop waiting for Fibre and go live with Integra.

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The wait for fast internet is over.

Integra specialise in connectivity solutions for businesses and consumers that are unable to get fast fibre internet to their property.

Are you in a rural area and simply can’t wait for the Fibre rollout?

With Integra, painful internet speeds are a thing of the past. We can transform your connectivity in a matter of weeks.

Have you been quoted ££££’s in Excess Construction Charges.

Quoted thousands by Openreach? With Integra we have a flat rate installation fee. That’s it.

Does it hit you in the pocket when the internet goes down?

Integra has a service with built in resillience. You can relax knowing that your critical services will stay live.


Business Grade 4g Connectivity

Ideal for rural businesses and homeworkers that simply can’t operate effectively from home over a poor internet connection.

If you are looking for alternative to Fibre that is more reliable than a satellite solution, then this one is for you.

Integra Business


Stay online, all of the time.

Regardless of the size of their business or requirements, all our customers have a few things in common – a desire to work efficiently and the need to stay online.


Affordable, fast internet for home users.

If you have a strong 4g signal indoors our self install option can be considered.

Alternatively our engineers can identify which mobile carrier will work best and install an external antenna to deliver faster internet connectivity to your home.

Integra Home


Go live in 3 easy steps

We are not reliant on any external parties to deliver our service, allowing us to deploy our technology quickly and reliably for our customers.

In only a few steps, you could be enjoying fast internet in under 14 days.

Why wait? Check out our pricing.

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