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How to Apply for the Access Broadband Cymru Scheme.

Receive a grant of up to £800 towards your internet connection from the Welsh Government.

Are you struggling with slow broadband in Wales?

As an approved supplier of Access Broadband Cymru, Integra can help you take advantage of the scheme by at least doubling your existing internet connection speed.

Up to £800 off your install cost

Depending on your solution and internet speeds, you could get your whole install FOC.

Fast Installation Times

Once approved you could be experiencing fast internet speeds in only 14 days.

Rural Connectivity

Start enjoying speeds upto 60Mbps with Integra, regardless of your location.

Super Fast Broadband for all.

As part of Wales’ digital strategy, the ABC Scheme has been setup to improve the lives of the people of Wales.

By ensuring faster connectivity to consumers and businesses through alternative connectivity options to Fibre, the hope is to give all Welsh citzens the tools to engage with an increasingly digital and changing economy.

Integra SD-WAN Connectivity

If your business suffers from poor connectivity, or you are struggling to work from home due to painful internet speeds, Integra can help.

Using SD-WAN technology, our business solution bonds 4g and 5g signals together, vastly increasing the bandwidth you can receive at your property.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Access Broadband Cymru Scheme.

If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to get in touch with one of our team and we will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the grant.

Or drop us a quick message using the chat feature at the bottom of the page.

What is the ABC Scheme?2022-02-09T12:23:39+00:00

This scheme provides grants to fund (or part-fund) the installation costs of new broadband connections for homes and businesses in Wales. It only applies to the installation costs – monthly fee’s to the ISP must be paid for by the customer.

What areas of Wales are covered by the ABC Scheme?2022-02-09T12:01:27+00:00

The ABC scheme covers the whole of Wales.

I have already received an offer letter – What next?2022-02-09T12:22:37+00:00

Next step is to get in touch. Send us a copy of your letter and we can get the ball rolling. We will need to conduct a desktop survey to determine exactly what is required, but the whole process will take just a matter of days. Once we have finalised the install plan, we can get you booked in straightaway.

How to apply for the Access Broadband Cymru scheme2021-11-13T18:16:22+00:00

To apply you must complete the Access Broadband Cymru application form and return it with a quote from your chosen internet service provider to broadband@gov.wales.

How much funding can I expect to receive from the ABC Scheme?2022-02-09T12:17:03+00:00

The amount of funding you can receive is dependant on the speeds you receive.

Over 10Mbps – £400
Over 30Mbps – £800

Important Note: The speed must deliver a significant jump in speed (At least twice the current download speed.)

Am I eligible for the Access Broadband Cymru scheme?2022-02-09T12:14:22+00:00

Before applying for the grant, you should check to see what options are available using the Openreach Fibre Checker and other online tools



Lynn Peninsular, North Wales

Husband and wife, Geoff and Julie decided to up sticks and move to the country – setting up a holiday let business on their farm in rural North Wales.

After moving in, they learned that only copper ADSL was available. Being so far away from the exchange, on a good day they would only receiving around 4Mbps download and under 1Mbps upload.

Recognising the importance of connectivity to holiday makers, they investigated how they could get fast internet to their property without any local fibre infrastructure. With excess construction charges running into the 10’s of thousands, a dedicated fibre connection wasn’t financially viable, so an alternative was needed.

After looking at various options including satellite broadband, they realised due to data usage allowances their only real option was using a mobile network based solution.

With a poor mobile signal and cell towers relatively far from their land, they needed a professional solution to deliver the quality of service they needed for their home and holiday let’s without breaking the bank.


Challenge 1: Connectivity Speeds fast enough for home and neighbouring holiday let’s

By using Directional antenna’s and bonding multiple mobile networks together, Integra delivered speeds of over 60Mbps using an SD-WAN solution. This would allow holidaymakers to stream online services like Netflix without the risk of buffering.

Challenge 2: Multiple Properties and thick walls stone walls

After running connectivity into the main property, Integra created a network across all three properties (with the furthest property being over 300m away), using point to point radios.

With exceptionally thick walls in places, a mesh WiFi network was used to avoid excessive drilling. Great connectivity was delivered throughout the buildings.

Challenge 3: Cost / ABC Grant

Using the ABC grant, Geoff was able to receive £800 toward his installation cost. This covered the entire connectivity component cost for the project.



  • Dual Network Connectivity – Delivering speeds up to 60Mbps as an alternative to a poor 4Mbps copper ADSL connection.

  • Point to Point radio installation – Radio’s were installed across the 3 properties to allow all holiday makers access the internet.

  • Mesh WiFi Network – A mesh network was installed in each property, ensuring a strong signal was available in every room.

  • ABC Scheme Assistance – Integra helped Geoff and Julie apply for the grant, saving them £800 on their installation costs.

“We were most impressed with the service we received. The team at Integra were very knowledgable and came to do the installation just a day or two before Christmas! Very tidy work kept us informed every step of the process and assisted us to get a grant to pay for half of the installation. We run a holiday cottage business in a remote part of North Wales on the beautiful Lynn Peninsular and Internet connections are hard to get!”

Geoff Waller


It’s easy to apply with Integra

Simply follow the 3 steps below to take advantage of the ABC Scheme.


Request an Integra proposal

Add your details using our availability checker below for a proposal you can submit to the Welsh Government.

Apply for scheme


Complete your Application

Visit gov.wales and complete the Access Broadband Cymru Application form. You can submit your supporting documentation from Integra here.


Book your Integra Installation

From experience the process takes a couple of weeks. Once you have been approved, send us the confirmation paperwork and we will book in your installation.

Interested? Check out our pricing.

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