Preparing your house for sale: Why your property’s internet speed has never been more important.

When it comes to preparing your house for sale, the first thing most people think to do is a spot of decorating and tidying. Making the house more presentable is about as much as you can do to ensure it’s sold at the best price, right?

What if we were to tell you that everyday we are contacted by house hunters looking at potentially buying a house, but only if they can get a good internet connection.

Moving to the country: but can we work from here?

To be honest, for most this isn’t an issue. The vast majority of the UK now has fibre, but there’s still a small percentage of homeowners, particularly in rural locations that don’t and probably won’t for a number of years, receive internet speeds that are suitable for a family where the adults work from home a couple of days a week.

The internet isn’t just for emails anymore – Netflix, Disney Channel, Amazon Prime and Youtube are all running at some time of the day in most households. If you expect to run these services and web conferencing services like MS Teams, and Zoom at the same time over an ADSL line, or even a fibre connection far from a congested exchange, you are treading on very thin ice.

So how does this affect my house purchase?

As a general rule, if you believe you are getting the fastest service available, conduct a Speed Test on your internet connection.

If you are getting under 10Mbps, serious alarm bells should be ringing.

Most buyers will simply not be happy with this in their home, especially if they have moved from a city where it’s commonplace to have speeds well over 100Mbps.

Ask any estate agent selling homes in rural locations – questions about internet performance are popping up more and more frequently.

My internet speed is poor and fibre isn’t available. What should I do?

There are alternatives out there and it’s not necessary for you to install them. It’s more a case of being able to tell a potential buyer.

There is no fibre here, but there is an alternate service that can deliver similar internet speeds…

The sentence above could be the difference between an offer being made or not.

Getting hold of this information could take a couple of weeks, and in many cases this is simply too long for many buyers.

Get the information ready for them early and it’s another tickbox done.

Preparing your house for sale: Getting a connectivity survey

Many rural properties can use a 4g/5g solution when installed professionally to give Fibre like speeds. Connectivity survey’s can give you the insight and confidence to answer potential buyers when they ask any questions.

Desktop Connectivity Survey (takes a day or two)

A desktop survey will give you an indicative speed, identifying if it’s worth exploring or whether it’s simply not an option. Any rural internet provider like Integra should do one of these free of charge.

The first step is identifying how far away the masts are, which mobile carriers are in the area and if there’s a clear line of sight from the property.

Any major red flags are usually identified at this stage.

It’s important to stress indicative speeds at this stage. Without a physical survey, it’s not possible to give truly accurate speeds.

Physical Connectivity Survey (around a week to complete)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want it, it’s highly likely the buyer will. Paying for a connectivity survey may cost a few hundred pounds, but you will more than make this back in time saved and it could well affect the price you can achieve for the property.

Physical connectivity surveys involve engineers visiting site, connecting to different mobile carriers, local masts and using in some cases different antenna’s to identify where the best signal can be achieved.

A plan of where to install the router, antenna’s and any cable runs should be mapped out at this stage.

Once complete you will have an accurate speed and install price. This paperwork should be all you need to put your potential buyers mind at ease.

Next Steps

So to sum things up, if you are preparing your house for sale make sure you know what internet connectivity speeds are available – to some a fast internet connection is now as important as a south facing garden.


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